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Welcome to my woodturning blog.

I began creating this web page in November 2013 with absolutely no idea about how to get an attractive, functional web site up and running. I'm not sure this one is actually "running" yet, but it's at least on it's own two feet, thanks to inspiration from a poet (my sister) and a painter (my Dad), relentless encouragement from my girlfriend and several other good friends, and technical help from my friend Sam.

Why a website? It takes an awful lot of time away from turning. However, there exists a desire (and maybe this is what defines an artist) to create something that when viewed, elicits a positive emotional response in the viewer. The hope of contributing a little something beautiful now and then, to be a supply-side participant in the transformative power of art.

Or, perhaps I'm addicted to the free creative process; imagining a new piece while laying in bed at night, searching out the log with the right potential, sawing from it a blank that just might have the grain pattern and figure that I'm after, trimming at the bandsaw, mounting on the lathe... and starting the bewitching process of realizing (freeing, actually) the form that already lives within.

Or maybe it's just that my home is getting full of these things and I keep making them and the cats keep knocking them off the shelves, so I'd better start getting rid them...

I hope to explore turning, wood, trees, forests, art and more in this blog post over time... but mostly turning and turned art.

Thanks once again for visiting, and please check back often.


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