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Upcoming Events

I'll have artwork on display at the following venues in 2019

Amuse Yeux

Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO

June 7 - September 1


A Different Vision

Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA

June 20 - July 28

Silverthorne Fine Art Festival

Silverthorne, CO

July 12 - 14

Expressions, 2019

Carnegie Creative Center, Fort Collins, CO

July 24 - August 3

18th Annual Art in the Park Festival

O'Brien Park, Parker, CO

August 24 - 25 

Sedona Arts Festival

Sedona, AZ

October 12 - 13

Check back often for updates

Information and FAQs


Thank you for considering purchasing one of my pieces. Unless otherwise noted, every piece displayed on this site was hand made by me in my shop in northern Colorado. I believe my bowls and other items are of as high a quality as you will find anywhere. Information about sources of the wood I use, wood finishes and their care, shipping, custom orders, and returns is provided below. If you have any other questions please contact me. 

Shipping and insurance


I will ship anywhere that United States Postal Service serves. Items offered in my gallery pages will ship within 1 - 2 business days after receipt of payment unless otherwise noted. Custom orders will ship as soon as completed and fully paid for. I will combine multiple pieces into one box whenever possible to minimize costs. 


Domestic: I mail items via USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail; tracking and insurance are included in the cost. Rates vary by size, weight, and insured value (I insure each shipment for the full value of the piece(s) contained therein), and the estimate shown was generated using USPS's online calculator.  


International: Shipping is by USPS First Class Mail International, and may take 2 – 4 weeks for delivery. All customs fees, taxes and duties associated with international shipping are the responsibility of the buyer. Tracking is available but insurance is not. Priority Mail International is a more expensive option but provides insurance and faster delivery times.


Wherever you live, if you desire faster shipping please contact me to discuss options and pricing. 

The finishing process and caring for your bowl


I use a variety of finishes in my work. This is because a rustic, natural finish is achieved using different materials and methods than a highly refined finish. Also, coarse grained woods such as oak and ash may require additional steps than a fine grained wood like maple or cherry. And so forth. 


I typically finish rustic pieces with an application of boiled linseed oil, then a minimum of three coats of a low gloss oil/varnish blend. Allowing for drying and sanding between each coat, this process may require 4-5 days to complete. 


On refined pieces, I normally apply several coats of oil/varnish blend, then wax. The wax gives each piece a remarkably soft feel, and I may begin exploring wax finishes on some of my rustic work as well. 


On pieces that will likely come into contact with food, I now use natural oil (mineral or walnut) -- wax blends that are 100% food safe and easy to reapply. 


On varnished pieces I recommend they be allowed to cure for 30 days if they will come into contact with food, and for 2 weeks if food will not be involved. Curing allows the finish to fully harden and release all volitile organic compounds. 


Pieces in constant use will show wear more quickly than decorative pieces, which may never need more than an occassional wipe with a soft cloth. Well-used varnished pieces may require an occassional re-application; both low and high gloss varnishes are avaible at home centers and most hardware stores. Follow the instructions and allow at least 30 day's curing time. Waxed pieces will require an occassional re-application of a good furniture wax. If you have any questions about caring for your piece, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer them. 

Custom orders


If you would like a custom piece, please contact me. I am happy to work with you to design and create it. Custom orders require 50% down payment with the balance due at completion and prior to delivery. 


Cancellation of custom order will result in loss of deposit. 

Sources of wood and forest sustainability


My primary source of wood is local- trees that either I or others harvested because they were diseased, storm damaged, or in the path of construction. Often, this type of wood is best suited for crafting utilitarian pieces, but beautiful wood can be found from these sources and I search hard for it.


I also purchase exotic woods from wood dealers when I need wood of a particular figure, color, or pattern to complete a specific piece. Wood of this type is often expensive, and I generally use this type of wood for custom orders. 


While turned art is a delightful use of Earth's forest resources, it is important to remember that forests support amazing amounts of biodiversity. Many of our planet's tree species have been over exploited, and in some places entire forest ecosystems are at risk. My own life would be unrecognizably different had I not grown up in a heavily forested region.


Under no circumstances do I use tree species listed as vulnerable or threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and I only purchase wood that is certified “sustainably harvested” by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Returns & refunds

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, return it within 2 weeks of receipt in like-new condition and I will refund your purchase price. However, return shipping costs are your responsibility. Please notify me before returning an item. If an item is damaged during shipping, please notify USPS and I immediately. 

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