Turned while green, the pot side warped and split while I was hollowing it. The repaired split and keys are big-leaf maple burl and walnut. The lid is maple burl and walnut under delicately carved antler. Every side of this pot competes to be the show face- best positioned at table center or elevated in your Great Room.   


The finish is hand-rubbed oil/varnish blend in gloss, then hard waxed and buffed out to approximately 1200 grit. 


Dimensions: 7"W x 6.5"H

Tusk Pot (Maple Burl)

SKU: SG-325
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About my work:

I create lathe-turned fine art and craft, and my native style tends toward organic, serene art forms that celebrate nature, primitive cultures, and wood personality as part of the composition. My work incorporates texture, color, fire, bone, stone inlay, mixed woods, and metal inlay.