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Bowl blanks

Winter 2015

Immediately after graduating high school, I went to work for a small logging company. Soon, I owned a one-ton truck, a couple of chainsaws, and enough other gear to begin my own small business. The business is long gone, but I still have the saws and a pickup, and I ocassionally  get access to entire trees.


I have no desire to get into the retail bowl blank business, but when I get a high quality log there is usually more wood than I can use, and I offer some blanks for sale.

Currently available wood


I frequently have ash, aspen, asian elm, and honey locust blanks for sale. Contact me to discuss size, figure, moisture levels, and shipping options. I can ship blanks pre-cut into round cheese wheels or in half-log condition, allowing you to determine the orientation of your finished piece from within the blank. Half logs will require you to have a band saw with appropriate clearance. Bandsawing bowl blanks is inherently dangerous, and working safely in your shop is your responsibility- if you don't have prior experience with this I recommend purchasing cheese wheel blanks. All blanks are wax sealed at the time I cut them. 

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