Bowl blanks

Winter 2015

Immediately after graduating high school, I went to work for a small logging company. Soon, I owned a one-ton truck, a couple of chainsaws, and enough other gear to begin my own small business. The business is long gone, but I still have the saws and a pickup, and I ocassionally  get access to entire trees.


I have no desire to get into the retail bowl blank business, but when I get a high quality log there is usually more wood than I can use, and I offer some blanks for sale.

Currently available wood


I frequently have ash, aspen, asian elm, and honey locust blanks for sale. Contact me to discuss size, figure, moisture levels, and shipping options. I can ship blanks pre-cut into round cheese wheels or in half-log condition, allowing you to determine the orientation of your finished piece from within the blank. Half logs will require you to have a band saw with appropriate clearance. Bandsawing bowl blanks is inherently dangerous, and working safely in your shop is your responsibility- if you don't have prior experience with this I recommend purchasing cheese wheel blanks. All blanks are wax sealed at the time I cut them. 

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Member, American Association of Woodturners


My primary wood source is local trees that were diseased, storm damaged, or in the path of construction. Most of this type of wood is best suited for artisan pieces, but beautiful wood can be found locally and I search hard for it. I also purchase exotic wood from wood dealers when I need stock to meet the requirements for a specific piece.

Under no circumstances do I use tree species listed as vulnerable or threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and I only purchase wood that is certified “Sustainably Harvested” by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

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