A thin-walled natural-rimmed bowl, turned from a crotch section of black walnut.


Rich crotch figure runs across the bowl bottom while the rim follows the natural shape of the log exterior. I burnished the rim using an antique gold gilders wax, which warmed the look of the entire piece. 


A delicate piece that will sit well in the kitchen as a light duty service bowl or on a side table near the fire, where it will become a focal launching point for wherever your musings take you. Would also make a wonderful surround for a votive candle. 


Size: 11.25" W x 3 1/2" H

Natural Rim Walnut Bowl

SKU: SG-456
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About my work:

I create lathe-turned fine art and craft, and my native style tends toward organic, serene art forms that celebrate nature, primitive cultures, and wood personality as part of the composition. My work incorporates texture, color, fire, bone, stone inlay, mixed woods, and metal inlay.